The National Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Department Of Science and Technology, is proud to invite you to the Energy Post-Graduate Conference 2013 (EPC 2013) which will be held from Sunday, 11  to Wednesday, 14 August 2013 at iThemba LABS in Cape Town, South Africa as a key Sponsor for the event.
Already in 2004, the International Atomic Energy Association had identified three main issues for the nuclear industry worldwide, in terms of knowledge management and human resources development. These include:
i. Retaining existing and create new skills and competences;
ii. Supporting a revival of power plants in countries wishing to do so but whose workforce is ageing;
iii. Developing specific skills for people already involved in the industrial workforce.
The same challenges could be true for the renewable energy sector. In order to improve the competitiveness of the South African research community and to meet international expectations of quality in a knowledge-based economy, the need for an enhanced research base and an environment conducive for the development of young researchers/scientists for productive scientific research in the country has become even more pressing.
Hence the Department of Science and Technology launched the Energy Human Capital Development and Knowledge Generation Programme (E-HCD&KG), utilising the modalities of the South African Nuclear Human Asset and Research Programme (SANHARP) which has proven to be very successful over the past seven years in sustaining a human capital development pipeline stretching from Grade 10 through to a PhD. This pipeline has been expanded to supply capable, qualified scientists, engineers and researchers for the energy sector in South Africa.
However, the challenge is to increase the opportunity for these young people to do research and to find employment. It is therefore necessary to create a platform where these postgraduate students could find a match with potential research and employment opportunities by showcasing their research outputs.
EPC 2013 draws together Government, Private Sector, Academia and Research Agencies to:


  • Showcase research work to create national and international exposure and enhance employment opportunities;
  • Create a networking platform for students and key players in the energy sector to share information and knowledge regarding challenges and resolution methods;
  • Create a learning platform for Grade 10 and 11 learners doing Maths and Science to create awareness about possible careers in the Energy Sector;
  • Raise awareness of the concept of applied research, its application and benefits to solve societal problems and challenges;
  • Create an enabling environment to enhance the opportunity for an increase in the number of collaboration efforts;
  • Create a platform for the involvement of researchers and academia in postgraduate initiatives rolled out by E-HCD&KG; and
  • Award and recognize excellence amongst the sponsored students.

The expected outcomes are:

  • An integrated energy conference focusing on both nuclear and renewable energy;
  • Thematic focus around critical & current energy and the related human capital development issues;
  • Creating value for the entire E-HCD&KG  Pipeline from Grade 10 to Doctorate Degree;
  • Creating market exposure across the entire spectrum of collaborative partners in government, industry and academia;
  • Broaden government participation to enhance collaborative integration towards common objectives related to the energy sector;
  • Greater private sector involvement as beneficiaries of and contributors to strategic government initiatives in the energy sector;
  • Targeting higher levels of income from sponsorships; and
  • Internationalization of activities, collaboration, return on investment and impact

Attached is a link to a short video which shares more detail on the structure and substance of EPC 2013 and expands on the value of participation for all stakeholders in the energy sector in South Africa, as well  as internationally. Click here

  • The postgraduate conference will cover aspects of Energy-Related Research conducted in academia and industry.  The presentations will follow a parallel presentation approach where a group leader presents the overall research theme/objectives of a research center in a plenary session, followed by group members who will present on their specific research areas in parallel sessions.  The following areas will be covered in the parallel sessions:

    • Nuclear Energy Sources
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    Conference participants will be charged a conference fee for attending which together with the exhibition fees will nominally offset some of the expenses incurred. Industry, stakeholders and academia will be afforded an opportunity to exhibit at a minimal cost at the poster foyer.  This will ensure networking and information exchange for attendees and participants of the conference.  The programme booklet will be designed to allow advertising opportunities for stakeholders and academia to promote relevant information associated with the academic institution or industry organisation participating in the conference event.

  • The following is a list of the available categories and the associated benefits:

    Brand visibility for organisation through EPC 2013 Webpage link to 2015 as well as the NRF Website
    Organisational logo listed in selected conference materials and the Conference Report
    Networking opportunity with strategic energy sector stakeholders
    Fee exemption for number of organisational members
    Free exhibition stand location
    Prime location
    Brand exposure in NRF Skills and Capacity Development avenues;
    Organisational banners in prime location of EPC 2013

    The NRF will welcome an expression of interest in sponsoring the EPC 2013 to enable further discussion around the formalisation of the marketing/partnership offer. The contact person below will facilitate all administrative and financial arrangements.

    EPC 2013 Fee Structure
    Early Bird
    Student Fee
    R 1 800.00
    R 2 000.00
    Delegate Fee
    R 2 300.00
    R 2 500.00
    Gala Dinner
    R 550.00
    R 650.00
    Stand Size
    Standard Plus Extras
    2X3m Shell Scheme
    R 5 500.00
    Brand Exposure
    Advert Dimensions
    Full Colour
    Black White
    A4 Advert Space
    R 7 000.00
    R 5 000.00
    A5 Advert Space
    R 3 400.00
    R 2 500.00
    Fee Structure
    Student Fee
    Delegate Fee
    Gala Dinner
    Gala Dinner
    Additional Fee to be charged to attend the gala dinner
    Conference Material
    Conference Material
    Conference Material

  • Ms. Tsibiso Mohlomi Mongale
    Programme Development Officer
    Applied Research and Innovation Directorate
    National Research Foundation
    Tel: +27 (0)12 481 4315/ 481 4187
    Cell: +27 (0)72 074 9878

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